70 years ago

Oct. 13th, 2017 11:54 am
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Not dead. Just busy in RL and/or nothing to pass on.

However, 70 years ago today, Maine Started Burning. Over the next two weeks, 250,000 acres and 9 towns would go up in flames. 16 people would lose their lives. Many focus on the destruction of the east half of Mount Dessert Island (Acadia National Park) and it's summer homes of the rich, while a larger swath of York County in southwestern Maine burned.

This second link is to a Map show what burned in the state.

Maryland MunzFit

Oct. 11th, 2017 04:37 pm
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On Saturday, I went to the Maryland MunzFit event in Sandy Point State Park. Although I've passed by Sandy Point State Park before, I'd never been inside past the fee booths, so I'm glad to report that beach has good views of the Bay Bridge and large ships sneaking up on people.

Although this Munzee event is connected to a series of fitness events, I don't think we actually did anything especially fitness-related but most of us took a walk around the state park to capture 70 event pins that had been deployed for the event. As usual, we started the event by gathering at a spot near the parking lot for a meet and greet. Then we wandered off in smaller groups to look for the event pins. I went with Jeeper32 and ozzy1602. Although most of the walk was along the parking lot edge, the beach, and the fence line, there was also a stretch on a wooded trail and through a picnic grove, which was nice. We successfully found all the event pins, as well as all the other munzees in the park.

All in all, it was a wonderful day even if the weather was a bit warm for autumn. Munzee is a game we can play on our own but sometimes, it's good to do that in a group.

The munzees... )
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Basically, similar to what I've posted in response to a few other posts. Here are my thoughts.

I expected an atrocity like this would happen sooner then it did. I've become very pessimistic about my fellow Americans.

Unfortunately, after the politicians sprout off a bunch of hot air, I doubt anything will change in regards to guns and regulations. So, for those of you hoping for such, I'm afraid your hopes will be dashed.


A bunch of high schoolers getting shot-up by other high schoolers didn't change anything.
A shoot-out in a movie theater didn't change anything.
Nor several shoot-outs on several college campuses.
Nor a shoot-out in a night club leaving over 40 dead changed anything.
How about all those poor children in Connecticut who were murdered in their classroom? Nope, nothing.

Not even after members of Congress with R'S after their names were shot up this past spring did anything change. I, honestly, use to think that's what it would take. They proved me wrong.

So, this won't change anything either.

Maybe, just maybe, if some nut case starts shooting-up the "one-percenters" who have the politicians in their back pocket, then, you might see a change.


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