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Jun. 12th, 2017 08:50 pm
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When Tyrus Wong died at the end of last year, I thought for sure he was the last of the Disney artists who had worked on Bambi, but I was wrong! One of the credited animators is still alive: Don Lusk! He's 103 now (born October 28, 1913).

In Walt's time, an animator only got screen credit if they produced 350 ft. of animation. Don's specialty was small animals, so he must have done a lot of work on Bambi!

Two instantly-recognizable scenes animated by Don Lusk.

Here he is receiving the Winsor McKay Award in 2015. (His great-grandson accepted the award at the actual presentation ceremony.)

More on Don Lusk:

Andreas Deja's animation blog.

Winsor McCay Award presentation.


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Tyrus Wong – the artist who most defined the atmospheric expressionist style of Disney's Bambi – died yesterday at the age of one-hundred-and-six.

They are all gone now – all of the artists who created Disney’s greatest animated animal adventure ever.

Beyond that, everyone from the Golden Age of Animation has now passed into history. It is truly the end of an era…


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Look what my friend [ profile] dagz gave me. It's the largest Bambi figurine ever made!

Behind a cut for width; file size. Work safe! )

Isn't that just completely amazing? He is soooooo gorgeous...


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Well, I can't seem to get LJ's video embedder to work with this file, so you'll just have to do a right-click/save as here and watch the mp4 in a separate media player. (It's only 8 seconds long.)

Do turn up your volume a bit, though, for full appreciation.


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Claude Deruet: Marie De Rohan-Montbazon (1600-79) Duchess of Chevreuse as Diana the Huntress


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I commissioned this conbadge from Idess at FC2014. I really like how it turned out!

The artwork without the lettering can be found here.


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The last of the artists who made Disney's 'Bambi' one of the great visual cinematic masterpieces of all time turned 103 this year. Although he is best known for his background art for 'Bambi', Tyrus Wong's time with Disney accounted for only a small fraction of his lifetime of distinguished work.

Child emigre, 1919.

A remarkable self portrait of the artist at 20, in the old Chinese watercolor style:

A contemporaneous RL photo:

A Wong horse in very dynamic calligraphic style.

And another, in the Wong's master bedroom. Happy to see those plush pandas (and a bunny!) in such prominent places of honor!

I really wish I could have a few minutes of conversation with this man. He's the only person still alive who remembers the production of 'Bambi', after all...


Beach boys

Sep. 6th, 2013 12:47 pm
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Some of our local elks having a play-date at the beach. Lots of interesting body language going on here!



May. 31st, 2013 10:37 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] mondhasen for the finds!

By carororo on tumblr
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I went elk hunting yesterday, up in the redwoods! With my camera, of course. ^^

Aha! Hoofprints...

Nearby, someone's been rubbing the velvet off his antlers recently. Like, maybe last night? (Note shavings on the ground.)

Is this the culprit? That rack looks pretty freshly peeled to me...

His Stagesty.

H.R.H.'s neck mane is so neat, it almost looks brushed.

Nervous teenager was keeping one eye on his mom, and the other on Big Daddy!


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A new treasure...

All pre-WWII German editions of Bambi. Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde are rare. It was banned by the Nationalsozialist government in 1936, and many ended up being burned.

Incredibly, I obtained this 1928 Paul Zsolnay Verlag edition for only €1 on (There is currently a first edition being offered on for £2,000.)

This photo shows the book approximately actual size.

Title page.

 Chapter 1, Page 1. )

Although I can read German, I am not used to the old Fraktur typeface; it slows me down considerably. Which, perhaps, is not a bad thing. This is a story to be savored, after all – especially so in its original language...



Feb. 20th, 2012 11:16 pm
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It may seem difficult to believe, but until yesterday, I had never before read Felix Salten's novel, Bambi: A Life in the Woods.

I was going to write about it at some length, but I think can sum up my thoughts fairly succinctly.

My most personal overall impression was that I have much more in common with Bambi than I ever imagined.

Reduced to its essence, the novel is about learning to accept the inevitability of living alone, growing old alone, and, ultimately, dying alone.

Love is also a recurring theme. First, maternal love, then courtship, then (surprisingly, at least to me) paternal love.

It was actually the death of Bambi's father, not his mother, that touched me most deeply. It was the only moment during my reading of the book that I wept openly.

Fittingly, there was no happy ending. There is a sense of continuance, but no resolution.

Only one thing remains certain in the end.

From now until the hour of our death, we will always be alone.


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Presenting, my latest (and perhaps last) commissioned artwork of Rabscuttle Whitetail: "Forest Frolic," by Codiciosa on deviantART.

A full-size version is available for download here.


Deer Me

Feb. 9th, 2012 02:35 pm
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Here's my whitetail deer fursona again, this time interpreted by another of my favorite cervine artists, Autumn...

For a higher-res version, go here (no login required):'s the same character design, but this time with some scenery added:

Nice, eh! I'm happy with both of them, but I kind of like the plain one better. ^^


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Introducing my Disney deer fursona – "Rabscuttle Whitetail" – as interpreted by [ profile] shaddiewolf.

Don't I look like a character right out of the "Bambi" movies? I couldn't be more pleased with the way this artwork was executed.

P.S.: a full-res version can be downloaded here.


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