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Prince Bambi ([personal profile] princebambi) wrote2012-04-16 01:14 pm

1928 German Bambi

A new treasure...

All pre-WWII German editions of Bambi. Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde are rare. It was banned by the Nationalsozialist government in 1936, and many ended up being burned.

Incredibly, I obtained this 1928 Paul Zsolnay Verlag edition for only €1 on (There is currently a first edition being offered on for £2,000.)

This photo shows the book approximately actual size.

Title page.

Chapter 1, Page 1.   „Er kam mitten im Dickicht zur Welt, in einer jener kleinen, verborgenen Stuben des Waldes...”

Although I can read German, I am not used to the old Fraktur typeface; it slows me down considerably. Which, perhaps, is not a bad thing. This is a story to be savored, after all – especially so in its original language...