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Jun. 23rd, 2017 07:01 am
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I'm aware of the concept of "Race Suicide" but don't ever recall the term used. There's a typically long-winded appeal from 1905, by Teddy Roosevelt, here, or you can cut to the chase and read the quick synopsis, here ;o) Or you can research this on your own and spend an afternoon musing over the political turmoils of the early 1900's.

My inquiry into this topic began with a trivial line in a post by Austin_Dern more because of my curiosity concerning his mention of the Teddy Bear Moral Panic (at the end of this post, here on LJ) than any actual researching of the movement. What did the author of his referenced article mean by teddy bears replacing the affections of little girls to actual dolls? I mean, who would ever think that? My only take is that because Teddy Roosevelt was proponent of this ideal that his critics were using his iconic bear against him.

Like in this cartoon from one of the links-

A world gone mad.

Finally, an actual Teddy uprising that I've posted before :D

South Jersey, Valley Forge

Jun. 19th, 2017 05:48 pm
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Saturday's trip was to South Jersey because I knew it would be easy to hit the one million points milestone there. I got that fairly early in the day in Lawnside. After that, I went to the dead Burlington Center Mall. It surprised me how quiet the mall area is now since I remember this mall being moderately busy not so long ago. With no traffic in the parking areas though, it's gradually turning into a Munzee playground. Heavy rain in the afternoon put an end to the day's Munzee spree, but I stopped at the Asian food market in Cherry Hill for some goodies.

On Sunday, I went to Valley Forge National Historical Park. There were a bunch of virtual Munzees around the visitor center and the first stop along the park road but I also went inside to see the exhibits. It was fascinating. They have a number of display cases showing the gaming/entertainment items, cooking utensils, and General Duportail of the Revolutionary War era. It's interesting how some items, e.g. dice, cards, needles, and thimbles, are pretty basic and haven't changed much in over two centuries. There are also recreations of log cabin soldiers' quarters out along the park road. Those also show what the bunk beds and living space might have looked like inside. After that, I hit some Munzee clusters in Fort Washington, Dresher, and North Wales, and found a geocache in Franconia before dinner.

The munzees... )

I can haz vacation

Jun. 17th, 2017 06:03 am
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But of course, the weather will suck--unsettled/showery all week. (sigh) So, no escape/camping for me. I do enough of that rain-camping with the scouts. It gets old real quick.

Today, got a board meeting of the Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage and then a scout function this evening. I've got scout functions next weekend. Due to those commitments, I didn't bother looking for a camp for the week. Oh, and I do need to go into work next Friday afternoon for a meeting that got shifted. So much for a whole, uninterrupted week off. So, I took yesterday afternoon off to off-set that.

Don Lusk

Jun. 12th, 2017 08:50 pm
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When Tyrus Wong died at the end of last year, I thought for sure he was the last of the Disney artists who had worked on Bambi, but I was wrong! One of the credited animators is still alive: Don Lusk! He's 103 now (born October 28, 1913).

In Walt's time, an animator only got screen credit if they produced 350 ft. of animation. Don's specialty was small animals, so he must have done a lot of work on Bambi!

Two instantly-recognizable scenes animated by Don Lusk.

Here he is receiving the Winsor McKay Award in 2015. (His great-grandson accepted the award at the actual presentation ceremony.)

More on Don Lusk:

Andreas Deja's animation blog.

Winsor McCay Award presentation.


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It was a 100% Munzee (well, maybe 99% Munzee and 1% Flagstack) weekend. My geocaching premium membership expired last weekend and I didn't figure it was worth renewing, so I don't have any pocket queries. I peeked at the c:geo app a couple of times but there weren't any new geocaches near where I was capturing munzees. Which seems to fit what I've been noticing. In areas that are dense with munzees, some of the biggest players were geocachers who hid a lot of geocaches a while back but stopped and switched to Munzee. Why? They had their reasons. Montgomery and Bucks County geocachers had better hope the Taxman, owner of over a thousand geocaches, doesn't start Munzeeing!

So Saturday's trip was to South Jersey again, mainly Westampton, Burlington, Riverside, Cherry Hill, Audubon, and Marlton. Since the weather was good, I started clearing out a few areas. Also helped a local Munzer replace a missing motel munzee. Not a complicated process but it did require some messaging back and forth. Then I went around getting the new timeshare, hotel, and motel munzees and a bunch of mythologicals. Lots of points all around. In the evening, I hit the Asian food market in Cherry Hill and finally, I picked a random Chinese restaurant I hadn't been to for dinner. That's the other thing I've been doing: attempting to write Yelp and Google Local reviews for every Chinese place in South Jersey. I'm probably only a small fraction of the way to this goal.

Sunday's trip was down to Sandy Point State Park again to capture around 300 munzees. Nearly all of them were evolution munzees, a special type that changes twice before taking its final form. A wheel munzee, for example, turns into a penny farthing next month and a muscle car the following month. So it may seem like there are a lot of munzees in Sandy Point but some of those were the same ones from my last visit that have since evolved. Along the way there, I also visited the Fallen Heroes Memorial in Centreville. This memorial and park is not along the main drag, so I'd never have found it if not for Munzee. (Just like geocaches, it seems, some Munzees take you to new places and some, well most, are just for the heck of it.)


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