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Tonight, I'm off to the further scout camp to recognize Dr. Eric Fossum as he receives the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. This is a rarely bestowed honor. He'll only be the fourth Eagle Scout in our council to receive it. Who is he? Well, if you've got a smart phone it's thanks to him the camera on it works.

Then, starting tomorrow through next Friday I'm at the Union Fair in the Matthews Museum telling visitors all about Moxie. I'm there all day Sat/Sun and running out there after work each day Mon-Fri.

Except Tuesday, where I'll be making the three hour drive each way to far DownEast Maine to get blueberries (325lbs/147kg this year) and then to the fair. (chuckle)

The following Saturday, wife flies out to Chicago and I might have time to catch-up a bit on the net.

Between now and next Saturday, I'll add 1,000 miles (1.6K km) onto my car.

Ut Prosim (That I may serve)

Aug. 15th, 2017 05:05 am
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I received a phone call yesterday evening from alumni relations at my alma mater, Plymouth State University. I've been chosen as the recipient of the 2017 Ut Prosim Award for my service to scouting and the Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage.

It and their other alumni awards will be presented at homecoming in late September. It's also my 25th class reunion. And they're covering the hotel expense. Good thing as that's peak tourist fall foliage season in the White Mountains. Places that the rest of the year run around $100 a night are triple that on a fall weekend.

I need to check on the photo just taken by my employer to update our website as PSU needs a photo for the press release. I'll link that in a future post when it is available.
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One of the prizes you can get for attending a Munzee event is a virtual emerald munzee. Emerald munzees are assigned randomly to emerald gardens, which are groups of hundreds of emerald pins, usually arranged in the shape of a pin icon. Since there were a lot of events in July for Munzee's 6th birthday, new emerald gardens have been popping up all over the world. I noticed that one of those emerald gardens was in Atlantic City, so that's where I went on Saturday.

There it is. Splat, right on the beach! Hope Caesars doesn't mind. :) I also went to Brigantine to capture a nascent munzee garden. I think it's a boat but the shape is unclear now. Unfortunately, it was too rainy for a walk along the beach so I left the area after that.

A number of things happened on Sunday, but the most significant of those was I finally completed my 365-day Munzee capture and deploy streaks and got two more super streak badges! I would not say it's easy because doing anything every single day for a whole year takes some dedication, but it's more doable than a geocaching streak because of the sheer number of munzees out there and the different ways to play the game.

After hitting that milestone, I spent the rest of Sunday in Mount Laurel, Mount Holly, Willingboro, Beverly, and Cinnaminson, the area with so many munzees that even local munzers haven't gotten everything. Since I passed through the downtown part of Mount Holly, I stopped to take a look at the Shinn Curtis Log House, a log cabin that is three centuries old. Funny thing is dinner that evening was also in a 300-year-old building, so South Jersey has a lot of those historic structures.

The munzees... )

Weekend off

Aug. 13th, 2017 06:01 am
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This has been my first weekend off without: Family commitments, scouting commitments, or museum volunteer commitments since early June. The one in early June was only the result of me being home sick.

And, low and behold, my wife was also free. So, we went to the Topsham Fair 35 miles (56km) down the road. We only got one pic:

Meet "Moxie Horse", (#4HMoxieHorse) on display in the 4H barn. It started as a high school art project that got rescued and repainted after the high school was done with it. The 4Hers were looking for a name for their "Moxie Horse". I'm fine with Moxie as it's currently painted in Moxie™ logo orange. But I tossed in the suggestion of Augustin in honor of Dr. Augustin Thompson, inventor of Moxie™.

Topsham Fair is about the size of Union's, maybe a hair smaller. So, we only spent about 4 hours at the fair. Admission includes all rides, so we did the Ferris wheel, which is about all we could handle.

Oh, and I entered the Whoopie Pie Contest and took second place. That makes two second place and one first place win at fairs and festivals to date. I frosted my 'reject' heals (not perfectly round) when we got home and quickly realized what killed my chances at a second blue ribbon. The family recipe doesn't work as well when it is humid (and it was on Friday) resulting in the cake sticking to your fingers a bit.


Aug. 12th, 2017 07:48 pm
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During scanning I noticed a hawk in a tree outside my window, and it was scanning for critters in the backyard. It was right above where I've seen baby bunnies, and above the rose bush that a hawk got all tangled up in last August. Later, after dinner, I saw the hawk out front, on the recycle barrel. I went out to empty trash and it just watched me, unconcerned. I wonder if it was the one I saved and decided not to euthanize!

Absolutely not intimidated, this bird just perched on the bin and looked around the yard for about five minutes. It only moved when I left the steps to dump trash.

I have to say I liked how this came out, too. The camera was not set to my usual 'auto' type setting, so I reset after this shot, but this was the clearest of the six I took. It's been a great nature day here, starting with deer out back at 5:30 a.m. and deer with fawns out front afterwards.

And loosely regarding that last image post...

That was not the junk he was looking for!

Danger danger!

Aug. 12th, 2017 02:47 pm
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I bought a new scanner this week because I wanted to digitize my forgotten media: 35mm slides. Most of mine go back to the mid-70s, but I have access to many that are older still.

You've been warned!

Two for fun- vehicles belonging to my brothers, at the time parked up the hill by the woods near our barn.

A 1935(?) Ford three window coupe, and a 1940 four-door, taken in 1978.

A 1937 Chevy pickup, photo from May, 1975.

These were eventually sold off. I still have a chrome headlight ring and the headlight lenses from the Chevy.

Local paper needs new copy editors

Aug. 10th, 2017 01:50 pm
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My local paper flubbed-up yesterday and it's hitting social media.
Article from the Boston Globe 'cause they don't have a paywall unlike the paper that flubbed-up.

Headline: Trump warns of 'Fire and Furry'

Huh? No, I WILL NOT go to NK to defend that president and his ego.

Other notes on that front page. It's nice to see donations coming along for the Hallowell Fire Department. Their current building dates to the early 1800s.
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We're now "over quota" for the year. Two EF-1's confirmed in northern Maine this past Saturday.

Details on the Caribou National Weather Service website.

Eclipse memories

Aug. 8th, 2017 08:13 pm
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I remember watching an eclipse out in front of my house when I was young. My dad had given us blackened photographic glass plates to view through (not recommended now) and I recall the eerie feeling as the sky darkened while the moon swallowed the sun! The whole neighborhood was out for this as it was quite the event.

On a whim I searched online for information about that eclipse, figuring it was probably 1963 based on my memories of my surroundings, and I found it readily enough! I really love the internet for these things (like that tornado I searched out).

-click the picture to enlarge-

The page I found this on even has a neat animation of what happened that day. The eclipse was 93% at it's maximum magnitude, though people were calling it total anyway.

And it is quite possible that it was overcast that day, and that what I really saw was the grey sky grow darker... a weather history search says there was rain and fog at some point. This would fit neatly into the pattern of my finding my views of celestial events somewhat obscured all my life!

To all of you going to watch the 2017 eclipse, may the skies be clear for you!

I can still say "meh, done that..."


South Jersey, Baltimore

Aug. 6th, 2017 11:37 pm
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Saturday's trip was to Haddon Heights, Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Willingboro in South Jersey. This area is pretty much inexhaustible for Munzee because the local Munzers keep deploying more of those. However, I wanted to capture some of the new air mysteries that they have deployed in Mount Laurel and Willingboro. These are fun. Capturing the virtual air mystery scatters some feather munzees in the vicinity. Capturing the feathers in turn scatters some golden feathers.

Sunday's trip was pretty simple. Went down I-95 from Newark to Baltimore, capturing Flagstack flags along the way. Found one geocache at the turnaround spot. Then from Baltimore back to Newark, I captured virtual munzees as well as some of the flags I missed on the way down. What's remarkable is the way Flagstack has grown recently. Just this quick there-and-back trip alone netted 258 flags! There are many more flags along the other roads around Baltimore but I decided to save those for another time. Finished up with a little walk on the James F Hall Trail in Newark for a few more munzees before an early dinner.

The munzees... )
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